Mushroom or Patio Heater

Price: $75 (includes 8.5 kg gas bottle)
Additional 8.5 kg Bottle Cost : $35
When the season gets cold and you want your guests to feel homely, Mushroom style are the best options to keep in your event. These heaters are portable and can be easily installed at various sites and outdoor parties. Patio heaters are very famous and mostly in demand all over Melbourne. They are the ideal marquee heaters for small and big parties both. These heaters stand around 2.2m high and saucer shaped lid reflects the heat down. They are perfect for outdoor areas with open space as they need about 1m above them.
As with all gas heater of this style, they are for outdoor use and must be located in well ventilated areas Prices are for a 24 hours hire, by all means ask about longer periods.

Compact Heater

Price: $75 (includes 8.5 kg gas bottle)
Height: 1.2 m
Heat Output: 37.7MJ/h (heats up to 12 square meters)
Color: Charcoal (powder coated steel construction)
​Safety: Tip-over Switch

Mux events also offers compact heaters ideal for smaller areas. Very much portable to handle and placement is also easy and fast. Compact heaters are great way to heat when the space has low clearance. This heater stands 1.2 meters allowing ideal in a marquee, carport or veranda. This heater is suitable and recommended for open areas with sufficient oxygen.
These heaters are very much ideal for all kind of events; specially outdoors parties. Let your guest enjoy the event with a cozy environment where the season or chilly weather is no more an issue.